15th Army Air Force
As of July 1944


5th Bomb Wing
Foggia, Italy satellite fields

2nd BG
Amendola, Italy

20th BS
49th BS
96th BS
429th BS

97th BG
Amendola, Italy

340th BS341st BS
342nd BS
414th BS

99th BG
Tortorella Airfield, Italy

346th BS
347th BS
348th BS
416th BS

301st BG
Lucera, Italy

32nd BS
352nd BS
353rd BS
419th BS

463rd BG
Celone Airfield, Italy

772nd BS
773rd BS
774th BS
775th BS

483rd BG
Sterparone Airfield, Italy

815th BS
816th BS
817th BS
840th BS

47th Bomb Wing

98th BG
Lecce, Italy

343rd BS
344th BS
345th BS
415th BS

376th BG
San Pancrazio, Italy

512th BS
513th BS
514th BS
515th BS

449th BG
Grottaglie, Italy

716th BS
717th BS
718th BS
719th BS

450th BG
Manduria, Italy

720th BS
721st BS
722nd BS
723rd BS

49th Bomb Wing

451st BG
Castellucio Airfield, Italy

724th BS
725th BS
726th BS
727th BS

461st BG
Torretto Airfield, Italy

764th BS
765th BS
766th BS
767th BS

484th BG
Torretto Airfield, Italy

824th BS
825th BS
826th BS
827th BS

55th Bomb Wing

460th BG
Spinazzola, Italy

760th BS
761st BS
762nd BS
763rd BS

464th BG
Pantanella Airfield, Italy

776th BS
777th BS
778th BS
779th BS

465th BG
Pantanella Airfield, Italy

780th BS
781st BS
782nd BS
783rd BS

485th BG
Venosa, Italy

828th BS
829th BS
830th BS
831st BS

304th Bomb Wing

454th BG
San Giovanni, Italy

736th BS
737th BS
738th BS
739th BS

455th BG
San Giovanni, Italy

740th BS
741st BS
742nd BS
743rd BS

456th BG
Stornara, Italy

744th BS
745th BS
746th BS
747th BS

459th BG
Giulia Airfield, Italy

756th BS
757th BS
758th BS
759th BS

306th Fighter Wing

1st FG (P-38s)
Salsola Airfield, Italy

27th FS
71st FS
94th FS


14th FG (P-38s)
Triolo Airfield, Italy

37th FS
48th FS
49th FS

31st FG (P-51s)
San Severo, Italy

307th FS
308th FS
309th FS

52nd FG (P-51s)
Madna Airfield, Italy

2nd FS
4th FS
5th FS

82nd FG (P-38s)
Vincenzo Airfield, Italy

95th FS
96th FS
97th FS

325th FG (P-51s)
Lesina, Italy

317th FS
318th FS
319th FS

332nd FG (P-51s)
Ramitelli Airfield, Italy

99th FS
100th FS
301st FS
302nd FS

885th Bomb Squadron (H) (SP)
B-17s & B24s

This unit, based first in Maison Blanche, Algeria, and then Brindisi, Italy, flew missions primarily for OSS operations, in southern France and the Balkans.

37th Photo Recce Sq.
(formerly 152nd )
Naples, Italy

15th Combat Mapping Sq.
Bari, Italy