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WWII Associations

        2nd Bomb Group

        376th Bomb Group

        450th Bomb Group "Cottontails"

        456th Bomb Group

        461st Bomb Group

        463rd Bomb Group

        777th Bomb Squadron of the 464th Bomb Group

        484th Bomb Group

Current Active Descendants of 15th AAF Groups

        325th Fighter Wing, Tyndall AFB, FL

        2nd Bomb Wing

        5th Bomb Wing

        1st Fighter Wing

        31st Fighter Wing

        52nd Fighter Wing

        773rd Airlift Squadron

Interesting Historical Links

        325th FG WWII P-51 Mustang at the USAF Museum

        319th Fighter Interceptor Squadron  (Formerly 319th Fighter Squadron)

         P-51 Information ( Includes sound )

        World War II diary from a 318th Fighter Squadron member

Primary Source Links

        National Archives and Records Administration

        National Personnel Records Center

        Air Force Historical Research Agency

        Air Force History Office