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The Checkertail Organization

This Checkertail Organization Website is a central location for information on the WWII 325th Fighter Group Checkertail  activities. We are a 501 (c)(3) not for profit corporation that organizes the Annual Checkertail Reunions, maintains this website and engages in promoting and promulgating knowledge of the legendary WWII war service of the Checkertails. The Reunions are self-funding and all other works by this organization are funded by tax-deductible donations.

On this website you will find:

Current Reunion information: Continuous updates on the 325th FG Checkertail Clan reunions. The 2014 Reunion in Tampa, Florida last year was a tremendous success. The 2015,  70th and final Checkertail reunion is being hosted by the U.S.Air Force at Tyndall AFB.Click here for the latest information! 2015 Checkertail Reunion

Roll Call The official and time honored publication of the 325th FG now published by Barrie Davis. Click  to read the published issues. In the future, back issues will be added as time and space permit.  June 2013   October 2013 a   October 2013 b   November 2013  March 2014

 The website of the 325th Fighter Wing, inheritors of the Checkertail history and insignia, at Tyndall Air Force Base, Panama City, FL. The 325th FW is the single F-22 Raptor training and operations center in the USAF.

 The website of Nate Davis' Warbird Training Center in Kokomo, Indiana, home of the P-51 Mustang and T-6 Texan painted with the Checkertail insignia of Herky Green and Art Fiedler, respectively, and hosts to the Checkertail 2011 Reunion.

Free Documentary: Online viewing of the Checkertail documentary, produced and directed by Neil Pugh, a British photojournalist and filmmaker. Part 1, the Checkertail’s P-40 Warhawk and P-47 Thunderbolt era can be viewed in its entirety at this location. Part 2, the P-51 Mustang era, premiered at the 2012 Checkertail Reunion to a standing ovation. On November 25, 2012 after additional editing to include 2012 Reunion interviews and other additional material, Checkertails Part 2 was released for public viewing. As with Part 1, it can be viewed directly here or, should one wish, be downloaded in a higher definition format to be burned to a dual layer DVD. Go to the Documentary page for more information.  Now also set up for BitTorrent.

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